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by Jay Alexander posted Jun 19 2015 8:23PM

"Racism has rotten America," Nas says.

Dylann Roof was arrested yesterday (June 18) for allegedly shooting and killing nine people inside of Emanuel AME church in South Carolina.

"We don't know who we're around," Nas says regarding the incident to Vibe. "Every day we're walking around and we don't know."

The Queens, New York rapper says that he hopes mental illness can be identified and cured from an early age to prevent incidences like this from happening again.

Mental illness is not the only problem that America faces, the rapper says.

"How do we heal them today?" he says. "How do we make them more respectful of each other, no matter what race you are? Racism has rotten America. It's been rotting America since America's inception. This is a time, a very serious time that we are moving into 2015."

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by Jay Alexander posted Jun 19 2015 8:21PM

Fetty Wap says that his left eye, which he lost as a chid because of congenital glaucoma, used to make people uncomfortable.

"People used to be scared to come up to me because of my eye," Fetty Wap says during an interview with VIBE. "But it's way different now."

Fetty Wap, who appears on the cover of the publication's current digital issue, also discusses Bobby Shmurda during the interview. The New Jersey rapper says that Bobby Shmurda is paying for his actions.

"We're some young hood niggas that lived a certain lifestyle, and there's consequences that come with that," Fetty Wap says of Bobby Shmurda, who, along with members of his GS9 crew, faces more than 100 charges including reckless endangerment, criminal possession of a weapon, conspiracy to commit murder in the second degree and criminally using drug paraphernalia. "Right now, he's doing his time like a G. When that's over, he'll come back out and move on. Sometimes you can be far, far away from the hood and this type of shit still follows you. Really, I believe if you were a person known for violence — or every time you go somewhere someone's gets shot and shit like that, then the cops will really be on you. At all my parties there don't really be none of that shit. I don't give the people the opportunity."

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by Jay Alexander posted Jun 19 2015 8:18PM
A judge has set Dylann Roof's bond to $1 million on his charge of possession of a firearm. Roof will remain in custody as he also charged with nine counts of murder.

During the bond hearing Friday afternoon, a daughter of one of the victims told Roof, "I forgive you." A woman who was in the church during the shooting said, "Every fiber in my body hurts'; 'may God have mercy'," the Associated Press reports.

Roof is reportedly in a solitary confinement cell next to former officer Michael T. Slager who is awaiting trial for killing Walter Scott in April.


Charleston Police Department has charged Dylann Roof with nine counts of murder and possession of a firearm in the killing of nine innocent Black people at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, the department tweeted Friday morning. A bond hearing for Roof is set for Friday afternoon.

Dylann Roof had confessed to killing Cynthia Hurd, Tywanza Sanders, Sharonda Singleton, Myra Thompson, Ethel Lance, Susie Jackson, the Rev. Daniel Simmons Sr., DePayne Doctor and Sen. Clementa Pickney, police sources told CNN on Friday.

His roommate, Dalton Taylor, told ABC News that Roof was planning the shooting spree for six months and that Roof was passionate about segregation. "He said he wanted to start a civil war. He said he was going to do something like that and then kill himself," Taylor said.

Sylvia Johnson, a cousin of Pickney, told MSNBC that one of the survivors told her that Roof "had reloaded five different times... and he just said, 'I have to do it. You rape our women and you're taking over our country. And you have to go.'"

Police captured Dylann Roof Thursday morning in Shelby, N.C., during a traffic stop.

"I can confirm that there is a suspect in custody," Attorney General Loretta Lynch said in a news conference.

The FBI is investigating the incident as a possible hate crime. Witnesses say that he told the congregation that he was there "to shoot Black people," according to CNN.

Joseph Meek Jr., a friend of Roof's, told the Associated Press that he had been best friends with him in middle school but lost touch five years ago. The friends reconnected a few weeks ago, he said.

"He said Blacks were taking over the world. Someone needed to do something about it for the white race," Meek said. "He said he wanted segregation between whites and Blacks. I said, 'That's not the way it should be.' But he kept talking about it."

Roof's record includes trespassing on private property and drug possession. In a Facebook picture, he is seen wearing "the emblem of white-ruled Rhodesia, the African country that became Zimbabwe in 1980," according to the Associated Press.

Emanuel A.M.E. is one of the oldest Black churches in the South, and the building is considered a historic site by the National Park Service.
by Jay Alexander posted Jun 19 2015 8:16PM

Here's What the Braille in Kendrick Lamar's 'To Pimp a Butterfly' Album Booklet Means

He said in an interview with Mass Appeal:
[There]'s actually a sketch of Braille that's added to the title hidden inside the [CD] booklet that I don't think nobody has caught yet. You can actually feel the bump lines. But if you can see it, which is the irony of it, you can break down the actual full title of the album.

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by Jay Alexander posted May 15 2015 10:35PM

The cover art from Tink’s forthcoming #ThinkTINK album has been released, according to allhiphop.

The Timbaland protege said earlier this month that her album has distinctive sonics.  

"The sound is very next-level," she said during an interview with NY Mag. "The message is still the same. I can never change that up. But the production and the overall sound, that’s very well put together now."

Tink is signed to Timbaland’s Mosley Music Group, is slated to feature Missy Elliott on #ThinkTINKand has released the singles “Ratchet Commandments” and “Around the Clock.”

The #ThinkTINK cover art is as follows:



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by Jay Alexander posted May 2 2015 10:10AM

Paul McCartney compares Kanye West to John Lennon.

Paul McCartney compared Kanye West's writing style to that of his songwriting partner in The Beatles, John Lennon, in an article published to Mirror today (May 1).

"When I wrote with John, he would sit down with a guitar," McCartney told Mirror. "I would sit down. We'd ping-pong till we had a song. It was like that."

Paul McCartney and Kanye West told a number of stories until something hit. "We sat around and talked an awful lot just to break the ice," McCartney said. "One of the stories I told him was about how I happened to have written 'Let It Be'...

"I told Kanye this and he said, 'I'm going to write a song with my mum.' So then I sat down at the piano."

McCartney was initially hesitant to work with the "controversial" star. "He is amazingly talented but controversial and can make eccentric moves," he says. "I realized if it didn't work out, we'd just say so and shake hands and leave."

The two released their inaugural cut, "Only One," on New Year's Eve last year. The visualssubsequently came out January 29.

They brought Rihanna in for their second collab, "FourFiveSeconds."



by Jay Alexander posted May 2 2015 10:06AM

Dame Dash has been blasting his former wife, Rachel Roy, on Instagram.

Today (May 1), Dame posted a photo of "Tally hearts Ava," spelled out in rose petals.

"Miss my babies @ava_dash and Tallulah I'll be able to be a father again soon #hustleforyourlastnamenotyourfirst some goofball piece of shit lawyer is going to legally pay for separating a good dad from his children just to make money in legal fees...a bad lawyer is the worst piece of shit on the earth they can't have a soul...weak people will violate all principles and morals even hurt children for money after I make them pay karma is really gonna do a number on them #dashkarma #dontgetscared #coward #donnellsuarezisanerd," Dame Dash wrote on the post.

Next, Dash posted a photo of him posing for the camera, while pushing his daughter on a bike. The accompanying message read:

"What kind of mother would separate her kids from a good father who protects them and takes care of them in every way and would try to put them in jail over money...what kind of man would do that to a child for money...take there protector away so they can feed their kids#donnellsuarezisanerd lawyers and emotional women are a dangerous thing for good dads and good children and must be stopped... I'm gonna fight for mine they need me...but what kind of person does that #badtaste #corny"

He lost custody of his two kids to Roy on April 21. Three days later, he filed a $2.5 million lawsuit again her, claiming that she breached contracts.

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by Jay Alexander posted May 2 2015 10:03AM

50 Cent was supportive of boxing champ Floyd "Money" Mayweather, Jr. when he stopped by ESPN First Taketoday (May 1).

50 and Floyd have apparently reunited The Money Teamand now 50 believes Floyd (47-0) will remain undefeated and defeat Manny Pacquiao (57-5-2) tomorrow (May 2).

"The energy surrounding this one is big," 50 says. "He needs to hear me say that also, that he's going to win to put that into his actual head. Floyd doesn't know how to lose."

Fif explained to hosts Cari Champion, Skip Bayless, and Stephen A. Smith that his "beef" with Floyd was more like a family feud.

"Brothers and sisters argue with each other," he says. "If you're younger brother is the biggest fighter in the world, who tells him what to do?"

Later in the interview 50 riled the live audience in Las Vegas when he said Pacquioa "might get that Marquez."

by Jay Alexander posted Apr 28 2015 1:20PM

Waka Flocka Flame says Atlantic Records is holding "Flockaveli 2" back.

Waka Flocka Flame said yesterday (April 27) that he wants out of his recording contract.

"LET ME BUYOUT MY CONTRACT ASAP #AtlanticRecords," he tweeted.

Flocka also tweeted that his record label is "holding #Flockaveli2 BACK...!!!!!"

The rapper has discussing the album since at least 2013.




by Jay Alexander posted Apr 28 2015 1:18PM

Billboard recently spoke with music executive J. Erving. The son of basketball legend Julius "Dr. J" Erving has found his own path as the co-president of Atom Factory. 

Since last year, Erving has also managed Hip Hop starNelly. During his interview with the publication, Erving explained that his client [Nelly] is prepping a country music EP.

"He's a free agent on the label side now, and is working on a country-based Heartland EP, which should be really interesting,"Erving mentions. "He may be one of the first Hip Hop artists to jump into that space in an authentic way with Florida Georgia Line and Tim McGraw, so we think he has an opportunity to grow that base even more."

Erving is referring to Nelly's previous country collaborations, which have each been successful. In 2012, the "Country Grammar" rapper teamed up with Florida Georgia Line on the "Cruise" remix. The song has sold over 7 million copies and has been certified 9x platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Nelly's 2004 hit "Over and Over" featuring Tim McGraw peaked at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100.

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