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by Jay Alexander posted May 27 2014 12:07PM

This can’t be life! There is a big reason that the deal with Apple and Beats didn’t go through. The Apple Team freaked out when the Instagram video came of Dr. Dre and Tyrese bragging about the $3.2 billion business acquisition. Now, when I first reported on this a few weeks ago, I was chastised by unnamed forces not affiliated with AllHipHop so, I’m just going to say “I told y’all so.” But, since we’re closer to Hip-Hop and Black people more than the LA Times, we get a call. But, the LA Times is now reporting the same thing I said already. Basically, Apple is/was angered by the leak. As you should know, Apple is always top secret with their business. The deal still isn’t done. Nobody quite knows if it will, but I think it will. Once they get their emotions out of it, I think they will realize they want Beats in their stable.

Hopefully, Dr. Dre still gets that big check. If not, he’ll still be worth about $500 million.
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by Jay Alexander posted May 27 2014 12:02PM

Solange is rumored to be doing the dastardly deed of an era. She’s about to write a tell-all book about Jay Z and Beyonce. WTF? This is coming on the heels of her attack on Jigga Man at the MET after party. Nobody knows much more about this, but the questions are all over the place. People are wondering if she will add fuel to the fire or will it quell it. I will say this, In Touch magazine is saying that Solange might be coming for their NECK.

Solange is growing increasingly fed up with playing second fiddle to Beyonce, 32, and sources believe she’s ready to spill the beans on everything from their estranged father to how Beyonce turns a blind eye to Jay Z’s womanizing. “Solange was always in the background while Beyonce was the golden child,” says a family friend. “She’s sick of being held down and she’s ready to fight back.”

They are also reporting that Solange would talk about their dad Matthew Knowles a topic that really doesn’t come up in the current era. This could be very messed up, if it goes left.

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by Jay Alexander posted May 27 2014 11:59AM
Where is Dr. Phil when you need him! Somebody get Steve Harvey on the phone! Its looking like T.I. and Tiny are done and the whole thing completely unraveled over the weekend. You already know, but damn. This hurts a bit, because they were like the hood version of Jay and B. They were closer to the people and still in love. But. the Floyd / Tip fight really revealed a lot.
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by Jay Alexander posted May 22 2014 12:02PM

Jay here, we got the video to the story on our video page!

Yesterday, Forbes published a questionable article bearing the title, “Hip-Hop Is Run By A White, Blonde, Australian Woman,” in reference to Iggy Azalea. Troll-ish headlines for reasonable pieces are an unfortunate reality of the race for clicks, but the content of the piece was also off, claiming Nicki Minaj had been "oddly quiet" lately, despite the YM rapper releasing plenty of new songs over the last few months.

After a considerable social media backlash, the publication decided to change the title to the more appropriate, “Hip-Hop’s Unlikely New Star: A White, Blonde, Australian Woman”. 

Minaj was enlightened to the existence of the piece in her interview with the Breakfast Club today. When she was told that magazine was forced to change the title, she cackled with laughter, before responding to the claim. "Listen, all Forbes needs to worry about is my finances and when I’m going to be selling Myx Fusion for $250 million," she said, smugly. "That’s all they need to worry about. We rely on Hip Hop journalism and blogs for THAT kind of information. So we appreciate that, but no thank you."

After releasing her new single, "Pills N Potions", Nicki continued her interview cycle, talking to Hot 97 about a possible Remy Ma collaboration.

"That would make me very happy," she said of the possibility of working with Remy, following her release from prison later this year. "That would be very exciting. As soon as she get out, Rem holla at me."

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by Jay Alexander posted May 22 2014 11:46AM

While appearing on San Francisco-based radio station 99.7 NOW, actor/rapper Ice T spoke on his evolving relationship with those in the gay community. The “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” star addressed his relationship with those in the gay community when the topic of his character's gay son on the NBC television show was brought up.

“It’s crazy,” Ice T said. “When you are in this business and coming from the streets you may not have a total grasp on gay people or other things like that. As long as I have been in the business now, I am totally immersed in the whole world. I know everything about it. Coco’s assistant is gay. One of my best buddies is gay. The guy who does my hair on the show, Brian. We go to Madonna concerts and Prince concerts. I’ve got to the point that you do you and let me do me and then we all good.”

Ice T further addressed his work on “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” which was recently renewed for a 16th season. He revealed that it isn’t until the day before shooting that the cast receives the script for that particular episode.

“Yeah, absolutely because we’ve got the best guest stars,” he said, when asked if working on the show is still exciting. “They throw the scripts at us. We don’t really know what the show is going to be until the day before we actually start shooting that particular episode. It is always interesting. It is fun. Wednesday is our season finale and the fact that the fans love it so much … that is what keeps you motivated. In this business, if nobody wants to hear your music. You quit. If people don’t want to see your show. You are like, ‘Okay. I’ll go away.’ But as long as the fans want it … you got to give it to them.”

During his interview with 99.7 NOW, Ice T also discussed the possibility of a talk show featuring himself and his wife, Coco. He didn’t share the exact details, but promised that he and his wife will be back on television and it won’t be as part of a reality show.

The couple previously starred on the E! reality series “Ice Loves Coco.”

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by Jay Alexander posted May 22 2014 11:44AM

Last week, former hedge-fund manager Steven Lamar filed a legal action against Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine and others regarding Beats Electronics, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Earlier this month, it was reported that Apple is set to purchase Beats Electronics for $3.2 billion.

Lamar accuses the Beats Electronics frontmen with breach of contract and is seeking as high as a four percent royalty rate for sale of the company’s headphones, among other claims.

Lamar "is suing Iovine, Dre, Beats, Pentagram and H&A for breaching the terms of the settlement agreement and royalty agreement,” The Hollywood Reporter says in its story. "He's suing the same parties for bad faith denial of contract; suing Brunner, Pentagram and H&A for breach of fiduciary duties; and suing Brunner for tortious interference for allegedly inducing Iovine/Dre/Beats to renege on their contractual obligations made eight years ago.”

According to his filings, Lamar in 2006 took the concept of celebrity-endorsed headphones to Iovine. Once Beats Electronics signed with Monster, LLC for distribution, Lamar’s filing says that Dr. Dre and Iovine were slated for a 20 percent royalty and Lamar and his Jibe Audio company a five percent royalty. 

In July of 2006, Dr. Dre and Iovine filed a lawsuit against Lamar, Jibe, Pentagram (a design firm reportedly used by Lamar to design the line of headphones) and SLS International (where Lamar was president at the time) regarding Beats, accusing them of not living up to their contractual obligations and of planning to release their own line of “Beats” headphones without Dr. Dre, the Hollywood Reporter says.

Dr. Dre and Iovine settled that case and agreed to pay Lamar and his co-defendants a four percent royalty on certain headphones, though which ones was not specified.

Lamar’s filings claim that Pentagram and Hinrichs & Associates, its tax and auditing firm, collected payments and other monetary compensation for additional headphones also covered through its agreement.

Lamar’s cross-filing against Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine and Beats Electronics is as follows:

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by Jay Alexander posted May 22 2014 11:39AM

Joe Budden and Hollow Da Don have been going back and forth on Twitter with some barbed comments for one another ahead of their planned July Total Slaughter battle. 

On Saturday, Joe Budden Tweeted that he wishes he had more to write about Hollow. 

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by Jay Alexander posted May 22 2014 11:35AM
Submarine Entertainment has closed deals at Cannes for Australia/New Zealand (Madman Entertainment), the U.K. (Dogwoof), Germany (NFP films), Italy (Feltrinelli), Japan (Parco) and Scandinavia (NonStop Entertainment)," Variety reports.

The film, which is based on Nas' debut album Illmatic, has become a hit at the Cannes Film Festival in France, according to MSN.

According to Variety, the global deal for the film was negotiated by several people.

"The deal in was negotiated by David Koh, Dan Braun and Josh Braun of Submarine on behalf of the filmmakers along with Paul Wiegard, Managing Director of Madman Entertainment; Oli Harbottle, Head of Distribution for Dogwoof; Christophe Ott, Managing Director of NFP; Anastasia Plazzotta, Managing Director of Feltrinelli Italy; Yuuki Matsuzawa, Parco Japan; and Jakob Abrahamsson, Director of Acquisitions for NonStop Entertainment," the report says.

Nas' Time Is Illmatic screening in April was attended by Robert De Niro, Wale and Raekwon, among others. When it was picked up by Tribeca, Nas released the following statement.

“I want to thank Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal & the Tribeca Film family for all of the love & support they've given Time Is Illmatic," Nas said. "It is an honor to be in partnership with them. I feel there is a cultural kinship bonded by the city of New York."

by Jay Alexander posted May 22 2014 11:30AM

Seven young Iranians were arrested and forced to atone on Iranian state television for filming a "Happy in Tehran" video.

According to a recent The Lede article, several Iranian youth were arrested yesterday (May 20) for following the global trend of publishing a homemade cover of Pharrell Williams’Happy” to YouTube. Beyond the arrest, the seven young people in question were also reportedly “forced to repent on state television.”

The “Happy in Tehran” cover was apparently uploaded as long as a month ago but the Iranian police seem to have become aware of it following its publicity on websites like The Huffington Post and LeMonde. The original video has since been made private but was reportedly viewed more than 165,000 times.

According to The Lede, the “Happy” enthusiasts claimed they weren’t involved in the recording’s being published to YouTube. The same article reports that the Police Chief of Tehran, Iran’s capital city, referenced the cover as “a vulgar clip which hurt public chastity” and warned against similar efforts.

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