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New Study Reveals 1 In 4 Delivery Drivers Admit To Eating Customer’s Food Before Delivery

As if we needed another reason to be skeptical of food delivery, here comes a bit of news that has been widely suspected and now officially confirmed. A new study has revealed that you’re likely not the only person taking a bite of the delicious food you order…your delivery driver is too.
Trusting food delivery comes with its own set of challenges and at the top of the list is being concerned about your food being tampered with, or in this case eaten, before it gets to you. As reported by @People, according to a new study conducted by US Foods, 1 in 4 food delivery drivers admits to eating their customer’s food before they actually deliver it.
28% of the delivery drivers surveyed admitted to taking food from an order they were delivering. While the confirmation is definitely troubling, it doesn’t appear to come as a surprise many, as 21% of the customers surveyed stated that they already suspected a driver had eaten their food before.
85% of the same customers said they want restaurants to implement tamper-evident packaging to their take-out containers to combat the issue, which would allow them to tell if their driver had sampled their food before it was delivered.
The customer gripes about food delivery service didn’t end with food being eaten beforehand though. 34% of customers also said that their delivery driver remained in their car and passed their food through the window, 29% said their delivery driver refused to bring their food to the door and 17% stated their delivery driver would simply leave their food outside.
Despite these issues, the survey found that the average American has two food delivery apps on their phone and uses them three times per month.

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