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GoFundMe Is Cracking Down On Scammers Trying To Profit From The Mass Shootings

There are many of us who have been touched by these recent tragedies in America. The personal stories of the victims have compelled a lot of us to give what we can to help out.
But we all know there are also malicious people out there waiting to profit from such tragedies and fortunately, GoFundMe is taking notice.
The website is taking some major steps to make sure that no one scams money from people looking to donate to the families of mass shooting victims, @tmz_tvreports. The company is assuring people that so far, the funds are being distributed as intended.
The company has a team that is working around the clock to review and verify all the campaigns seeking money related to the El Paso and Dayton mass shootings. They’re only letting verified accounts collect money for victims to ensure the money gets into the right hands.
The confirmation process involves the team verifying the campagin beneficiary’s information, including their bank information, before any money is released or transferred to them.
If there are any red flags, GoFundMe freezes the funds until they’re sure everything is straight.
GoFundMe has also launched a centralized hub for those verified accounts. The team is working directly with campaign organizers to guarantee funds raised for those tragedies are not misappropriated.
A combined 31 fatalities were reported in the shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio. The shootings, though not connected, happened within hours of one another.
Those acts of domestic terrorism have had Americans on edge.
On Tuesday night, at least a dozen people were injured in New York’s Time Square when a motorcycle backfiring was mistaken for gunshots. The injuries stemmed from people running for cover.
Money has been pouring in to help victims’ families and their beneficiaries and we’re grateful GoFundMe is guaranteeing no one gets scammed this time around.

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