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James Earl Jones Will Return For ‘Coming To America 2’–Wesley Snipes Joins Cast

The upcoming Coming To America sequel just keeps getting better, as new cast announcements have been made including some new and familiar faces that are sure to get fans rushing to the theaters!
The last update to the highly-anticipated Coming To America sequel had Arsenio Hall announced to return in the role of side-kick Semi, joining the film’s star Eddie Murphy as Prince Akeem. Now, as reported by @shadow_act, one of the legendary original stars of the 1988 comedy classic recently just signed on to reprise his role—and that would be the iconic James Earl Jones who famously played Prince Akeem’s father in the original film.
Jones isn’t the only exciting bit of casting news, as Wesley Snipes, Paul Bates (who memorably sang “She’s Your Queen To Be”,) KiKi Layne, Jermaine Fowler and Rick Ross are also set to star in the film.
Snipes will play the role of General Izzi, ruler of a nearby African nation to Zamunda, Layne will play Prince Akeem’s daughter, Fowler will play his long-lost son and Ross will play an entirely new character.
The sequel is set to follow Prince Akeem (Murphy) as he realizes that he has a long-lost heir to the throne, leading him to travel back to America to find him. Coming to America 2 will be directed by Craig Brewer from a script by Kenya Barris. The film will hit theaters in 2020.

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