Full Throttle Radio /w Fatman Scoop and DJ Mr Vince
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Fatman Scoop is an international icon who has won the music industry’s most coveted prize for his work. This Grammy Award winner recently stepped away from the microphone to shoot the highly talked about urban reality TV show called “Man and Wife” which has been airing on MTV.Fatman Scoop, never a conformist but always rather be an individualist, has a larger than life personality with a relentless drive to entertain his audience. These elements combined have the potential to change anyone’s outlook on life.
                                                                           Controllin’ Your Eardrums—MISTER VINCE 
.Today DJ MISTER VINCE continues to be a strong force in the music industry as an International Radio/Club DJ, Business Owner, Record Producer and Mix Show Coordinator. His unique style of mixing has enabled him to captivate any audience, whether it’s from the stage of a major event or from the booth of your favorite radio station. His many talents allowed Vince to quickly build a name for himself. In the future look out for MISTER VINCE controlling the crowd in the trendiest night spots and broadcasting across the globe from the biggest radio stations. MISTER VINCE will forever remain a pioneer in this aspect of popular culture.